In México the tradition continues, of telling stories and legends, as witness to events from the past. “Xtabay” legend tells the story of two sisters of great beauty but with very different characters and destinies. There were two very attractive women in the same village, the first was named Xtabay and had a tendency to falling in love easily; she was also known for caring for the sick and vulnerable. The second woman, Utz-Colel “the good” was very appreciated and respected by the villagers, but she was incapable of loving others. When Xtabay died, her tomb was surrounded by fragrant scents and flowers, one of which stood out the most: the Xtabentún flower that gave off a sweet smell, as sweet as this woman was in life. This upset Utz-Colel and filled her with envy, and she died soon afterwards; but a terrible smell emanated from her body and her tomb only sprouted the Tzacam flower, a spiny cactus which hurt those who touched it.


As revenge, Utz-Colel returned from eternity imitating the sweetness of her sister, seducing the men and travelers who ventured along the roads of the Mayab at night. She waited for them, entwining her long black hair with a piece of Tzacam, seated at the foot of a ceiba tree, sacred to the Maya; attracting those who crossed her path with sweet songs and phrases, only to later finish them off. This gave origin to the legend of Xtabay, “ix” meaning “woman” and “tabay” meaning “spirit”.


The moral of this story is that true virtue comes from the heart. The white flower on Xtabay's grave was called Xtabentun, from which a nectar could be got to make the famous drink of honey and anise, native to the Peninsula. During your Mayan Spa experience we will propose you to try this powerful aphrodisiac beverage.

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